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SPED report

The Falls Church City School Board has received an independent review of the division's special education operations and programs.

The review, conducted by JJC and Associates of Tallahassee, Florida, contains both commendations and recommendations based on survey comments from over 300 parents and staff members, individual interviews of 75 stakeholders, visits to 35 classrooms in all five FCCPS schools, and a review of more than 70 documents including local and state data.


Special Education Review Final Report

Special Education Review Presentation

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The Department of Special Education and Student Services supports this mission by:

  • complying with the provisions of IDEA of 1997(Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997) and the IDEIA of 2004 (Individuals withDisabilities Improvement Act of 2004)
  • appropriately identifying students with disabilities based on federal and state criteria
  • providing high quality, specialized instructional programs utilizing supplemental materials and research based strategies
  • facilitating a collaborative team among parents, staff, and students to build a positive learning environment
  • promoting a strengths based approach to build on success
  • supporting the development of knowledge and skills to prepare students to be college bound and/or career ready in the following areas: academics; social/emotional; behavioral; communication; fine and gross motor; organization; transition goals; and functional life skills.