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Falls Church City Public Schools

Falls Church City Public Schools continue to attract more students year after year.

Since the last class of the "Baby Boom Generation" graduated high school in 1980, Falls Church City Public Schools have been steadily growing.

The following enrollment graphs are LIVE and reflect the total of the VDOE Fall Membership (K-12) enrollment, required to be collected on September 30th of every year, and Jessie Thackrey Pre-School which is not included in the VDOE count.

There may be a delay in the loading of the page as the graphs are generated.

Jessie Thackrey Preschool

In December of 2014, Jessie Thackrey Preschool opened its doors with five classrooms. For many years, our preschool program resided in trailers on the Mount Daniel and Thomas Jefferson Elementary campuses. Preschool is mandatory by law for children with special needs, but are not included in VDOE Falls Membership enrollment totals.

Mount Daniel School

Mount Daniel School has been a thriving early childhood center for kindergarten and first grade for more than 40 years. In the 2017-2018 school year, MDES is the only FCCPS school not to see an increase in enrollment. Thomas Jefferson Elementary also experienced a drop in enrollment growth during the 2012-2013 school year as construction of its new educational wing was underway. 

Thomas Jefferson Elementary

The expansion of Thomas Jefferson is still a fresh delight for the teachers and students in the building. With the return of 5th grade in 2013, the school has seen a fostering of great collaborations between older and younger students, and increased opportunities for the development of leadership and mentoring.

Mary Ellen Henderson Middle

Although a 6th-8th grade middle school is a fairly common configuration in many places, here in Falls Church it's still relatively new as for many years George Mason High housed all grades 6th-12th. Mary Ellen Henderson opened as a brand new school in 2006 and was established as the first Falls Church City middle school.

George Mason High School

George Mason continues to excel across a diverse variety of criteria. Students, teachers, athletes, actors, musicians, poets, scientists and mathematicians make great strides every day. Being the first International Baccalaureate high school in the Commonwealth of Virginia is a long-standing point of pride.

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