Access & Equity

Personalized Learning ensures equal access to every student and streamlined administration for teachers.  By providing the same laptop to every student, we ensure each is starting from the same place.  Teachers are freed to be creative, dynamic and forward-thinking knowing the capabilities of the tools their students are using. 
  • Differentiated instruction for each student.
  • Expansion of the school day.
  • 24/7 Access to class lectures, materials.
  • Equity of digital learning tools.
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Have Discussions

Talk about what matters to your team and stay in the loop with comments and activity.

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After 3 Years,
Personalized Learning
is Finally Here!

With quality infrastructure now in place, strategic planning with the brightest complete, and 21st century upgrades to classroom technology and curriculum ready,
FCCPS Personalized Learning is ready to roll!

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Personalize your Learning

Having 24/7 access to their laptop, and the various software used in their individual classes - both at school and at home - levels the playing field for our children.
Children will be able to access class lectures, teacher and student notes and other information invaluable to them as they seek to advance their learning.